Resin Phone Holder | smartphone docking station

Handmade Resin Phone Holder
Docking station that accommodates all types and brands of smartphones or tablets, in portrait or landscape format
Notch to pass the power charger
Marbled colors 100% to your liking, make your personalization request below!

This phone holder combines two parts (base and holder) that fit together very easily

Handmade in France with 💜

✔︎ A useful item for everyone. Watch your series or read an article while you get ready in the bathroom, or during a cooking session. Perfect for a 100% original and personalized gift, or to personalize your interior. A customizable accessory that adapts to your favorite tastes and colors.

✔︎ Easily transportable when traveling, the support plays a useful role on your desk, bedside table, dining table, kitchen ...

Resin Phone Holder | smartphone docking station

SKU: 0004
  • 20 cm high

  • Les créations étant réalisées à la commande et à la main, il n’est pas possible de reproduire EXACTEMENT un modèle présent en photo. Chaque objet est unique.